Moonah to Orlando for 2018 Commission Expo

2018 Commission Expo Are you Going

2018 Commission Expo huge trip

2018 Commission Expo

19th to the 21st April at the Orlando Hotel and Conference Center

I am so excites to be flying in for the 2018 Commission Expo in Orlando. It will be my first international flight. I live in Moonah, a sleepy little suburb just north of Hobart. It is not the average thing to just get up and take off like this but this is so important to me. The one thing I have wanted to do with my life. The trip From The Hobart Airport to the Orlando International Airport will take me from one side of the Earth to the other to network with my pears. When you look at it on Google Maps it looks so daunting.

And it is so excited to be meeting my Mentors for the first time. Omar and Melinda are hosting this event and John is flying in from the UK. They are but a few of the Multi Millionaires that will be presenting at this event from April 19th to the 21st. Some of these are the guys I have been following for over the past decade.

I am so busy getting my Promotion Site ready. Planing my next move which is setting up my products ready to release. Which means I have hardly had time to update the blog. But this is an event I really wanted to share with you.

I know you are interested in getting ahead with your business. This expo is the chance to mingle with the very people who started their Online Lives from nothing and built multi million dollar businesses. They were just like us when they started out. Each speaker is an expert in their field and that is why I want to learn from them.

If you have a chance to make it to the 2018 Commission Expo in April from the 19th to the 21st then you must get your ticket now. We are staying at the Florida Hotel and Convention Center. Have you seen that place it is absolutely gorgeous. I am told there is a shopping mall close by with some really cheep food choices. It sounds so amazing. I am glad I have allocation for an extra bag on my flight home.

2018 Commission Expo

Mixing with all these amazing people and the people I have been training with for so long is going to be the most rewarding time. If you really want to go too get your tickets now… click the banner.

I had better start getting my Products ready. Then I will have something ready to show. It would be amazing to be promoting my products to co-inside with that launch. That is just four weeks away… It might be a tall ask with the Promotion site still in production. But that has not stopped me before. I had better get back to work but please consider coming along to this event.  It may be my only chance to meet you so do come to the 2018 Commission Expo…

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