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A Lesson well learnt – Save details and passwords

To day I had a real scare, I was logged out of a program I need and I had not saved the details and password… 

It was panic stations for a while and a lesson well learnt.


I normally save all my details in a word document for each site and program I buy or use. Besides allowing the browser to save the login details as well. But this time there was a blank sections where the login details would normally go.

It was an expensive package. Once I realized the password updater on the site did not work, it was panic stations. I did manage to track down support. T

he poor guy, not sure what worked, but eventually I got back in.

Yes I did save details and passwords. The big computer comes in the next day or so. I will save the save details and passwords on there also and start the huge task of downloading. 

It was my fault. I was waiting on the iMac with the extra 8TB hard drive to arrive. That will be my product creation computer.  It seamed silly to download to the windows computer or the little portable drive because that is setup for the windows computers. This has been a lesson well learnt.

I always forget to save details and passwords when I setup Social Sites

It is so easy to get distracted when setting up social profiles.  All the action can make you forget to save details and passwords.  This is especially difficult with the ones I setup years ago and trying to workout which email goes with which profile.  The lesson here is write all your passwords down, multiple times even.

I have developed a spreadsheet to keep all my information handy. It is good because I can separate information on new sheets. There are 50 websites to manage.  Groups of social sites and email accounts to control. I have added separate easy access word documents for each group as well.  Plus I am starting to use generic passwords too.

I have also started to move all my marketing stuff to one email account.  This keeps my business separate from social and marketing. Did I hear you say private… There is no time for private email in this crazy online business.

My family and my friend know how to contact me when they want.  Most of the time they are busy living their lives, which is the way it should be.

If there is one lesson I want you to take from this post.  Remember to save details and passwords in a safe place.  Write them down in a handy book or what ever you use to keep your details safe.

With that cleared, I had better start saving some of this content so this never happens again.


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