Adjusting To New Changes Online.

New Changes Online

The internet is a changing platform and we are constantly adjusting to the new changes online…

New changes online mean readjusting the Business Plan to cater to a handful of groups who try and control what everyone else can or can not do online. It was becoming overpowering keeping up with the big companies that make adjustments to their platforms that effect everyone else.

Anyone that uses Facebook can see the constant changes there. The Browsers started changing the way videos play online and everyone follows in line. My Hosting now prefer you have a New cPanel for all new domains to beef up security for their servers. Mind you small groups of spammers have been around for years causing havoc online. The European privacy laws that now force us to readjust our websites to suit their needs.

These small handful of groups make their decisions without any regard to all the Billions of Internet users they effect online. Now we can say that is unfair, or we can simply adjust to the new changes online.

Taking Advantage Of The New Changes For A Passive Income…

I love that phrase “Passive Income”. It basically means set it up once and it will continually bring you in an income with very little effort. Don’t get carried away just yet. It takes time to Plan and set up your websites, products and autoresponders in the first place. Then you need to split test and find a sweet spot where everything is working just fine before moving onto the next thing.

Now there are a few ways to speed up the process. Assuming you can pay, you can get your sites and products set up for you. Everything can be automated. But for me this is not an option I wanted to take. Part of the challenge is creating my own content and to be honest I simply love it.

What is a Passive Income Site…

A simple passive income setup is to have a simple website setup. It can promote a select group of affiliate products as a sideline but the main catch is to have your own congruent product available either as a giveaway, but more as a low ticket product on the front-end with an upsell product on the confirmation page. Make sure this Product or email sequence has viral links to your main offers or websites.

These same Viral Products can also be used for bonus offers when you promote products or review products. Make sure they are linked to a signup page so you are building your list.

There is one extra thing you can do to make your mini income sites go even more viral.

I use a simple program called Buzzinar to get visitors to promote my sites in exchange for an extra gift. An exchange of effort for a congruent free gift. This gift has to have some worth to the visitor. It also should be building your business.

It could be the first product in your funnel of products. Or it could be an introductory giveaway from a Membership Program. Either way you are passively building your Business from the same people who took the time to visit your site.

Making New Changes To Existing Online Sites…

Assuming you already have a website or your blog setup, there are a few pointers you need to know.

  • The most important of those is to make sure your website is secure. Preventing hackers from attacking your website and spammers from adding undesirable links. Instructions Here
  • All sites that collect information from customers, whether it is email addresses or sales, must be https secure. Speak to your Host. D9 Hosting include this option for your sites for free. Simply go to your WordPress settings under General and change the http to https and save. You will get logged out. Change the URL to https and log back in. It is that simple.
  • Your sites that have European clients must comply with GDPR regulations. It is a large part of the online community to simply block them from your websites. Wp Freshstart is a WordPress Plugin I use to fix this problem.
  • Given I have a number of Websites with a number of plugins and themes that need to be monitored, I need to keep track of these. If you do not keep your plugins up to date your allowing your site to be venerable to attack. There is an easy solution to track your WordPress websites. I know there are 3rd party sites that you can use for a fee, but I prefer to have my own tracking site. I use a plugin called Main WP to setup my own tracking Site. This way I can update all sites from one panel and with the use of  plugins there are many more options like backup and adding content to any site from that one console.
  • Preventing Spam comments is a huge problem. Akismet Anti Spam comes with WordPress base sites and you need an account to get the API key to run it. Note: You can get this for free by sliding the payment slider to 0 on the first plan. I also add to this by adding Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) plugin. Search for it under Add New in Plugins. This at least will stop spam bots.

Lastly Lets Talk About New Changes For Content…

The new changes I am talking about regarding your content will get your content and sites indexed in the Search Engines. While SEO has been around for many years and some may say it is not important any more, I beg to differ. It is a simple formula to follow.

  • First and most important keep your content unique. Do not just copy other peoples work. You can quote “small snippets of information” from your top researched sites but you must have a return link to the page as reference. Use it to add your own thoughts on the quote. Remember to have your unique content at the front of your post if you use such quotes.
  • Using a search term for your post lets the search engines know what it is about. More important it helps you to focus on one thing at a time. Try using terms that people are searching for, but not everyone else is targeting so you get ranked more easily.
  • There are simple rules for writing your content. Keep your sentences short and start each sentence with a different word. Your blocks of writing should be less than 300 words so try breaking up your content with sub headlines. This also makes it easier to read. By using a plugin called Yoast SEO you will be able to correct your post writing very quickly as it lets you know how you are going.


Follow these few steps and you will soon have a good start to your online site or blog. Remember it does not have to be complicated once you have a plan. I am presently building a network of passive sites as my present project and each site basically follows a similar plan. Of course there are graphics and video to consider but that is a different topic. 

Work any new changes into your sites right from the beginning and you will be fine. I hope this post has answered some of the questions I have been recently asked. Leave your comments and share the post if this has helped you.

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