Commission Expo Trip Less Than A Week Away

Commission Expo Trip 2018

Getting everything ready for Commission Expo Trip but there is one who can not go…

The excitement is growing the Commission Expo trip is almost here. This time next week I will be in-flight on my way to Orlando in sunny Florida. My biggest concern over these past weeks has not been organizing everything for the trip. My biggest worry was my little companion Mini-Me. She is by my side the whole time and she hates it when I am not home.

She is aware something is happening. My computer room was changed around and she just had to investigate.  I come home from shopping and she was smooching the bag. When I opened the new travel bag there was a second one inside. Bonus! The whole time she was watching my every move. A few moments later I return to the room…

Mini-Me had made herself quite comfortable in the hood compartment of my case. She is thinking Ow good I get to go too… Well no… I can’t take my little girl with me.

It was so unique I just had to grab the phone and capture the moment.  What was more unique was her expression when I asked her “What are you doing?” 

She knows that means she is into mischief and I do not approve. Standing her ground she looks at me with those sad eyes and Ow no! expression. What! but I want to go too.

Come on you are not allowed in there. Mini-Me! You are not going… The look on her face said everything and I even captured it on video as she finally realized she had to get down.

We do not realize how attached our pets become to us. They can sense when something is going on. Luckily for her my daughter is going to babysit her while I am away. Then she gets to stay in her familiar environment. How she handles having a child around will be another thing. They can work that out because I will be on the other side of the Earth on my Commission Expo Trip.  Check out the Clip here.

Back To The Commission Expo Trip

It has taken a bit of organizing with Passport and Visa, organizing Air Fares and Accommodation and of course shopping. It has been a lot of fun and excitement with the build up to the Expo. My Facebook Page is testimony to that.  Each time Omar puts up a new Video I add it to my time line. This way I get to know the speakers before I go.

Behind the scenes I have been frantically working on the new Website so I have that ready before I go. I have my Business cards printed, so I need the main websites up by then at least. It has been full on to keep up with it all.  Shopping is fun but exhausting. When you are physically drained it is really hard to concentrate on our work.  On the trip I have allowed a couple days to readjust so I will be fresh for the Expo.

Last thing is to have a check list so not to forget anything.

  • Clothing seems obvious, but there is a cocktail party included. What does one wear to a cocktail party? I have never been to one. Plus there are a multitude of Millionaires. So being dressy is important as well as comfort. Then there is the Pool party just before I come home.
  • Shoes would seem like another simple thing, but I have wide feet and being comfortable over dressy is important. I am still looking for a pair of dress shoes big enough for my feet.
  • Print out Ticket and Visa Information.
  • Passport
  • Money and Travel cards
  • Business Cards and Notepad spare pens
  • Cameras, Phone, Power backup, iPad, mini hard drive, lavalear mic, tripod… All power cables
  • Computer
  • Toiletries and most important the glasses.

With the bags packed for the Commission Expo Trip, the cat taken care of, money and travel documents ready it is time to prepare myself for the big trip.

What do you get out of going to the Commission Expo…

It does not matter what area of interest you have or industry you are in. Being part of a Group of like minded people always helps you with ideas to grow your business.  This time I am in the Online Business field and the Commission Expo trip gives me the opportunity to mix with all the top players in my industry and to meet many of my long term acquaintances as well. What better way to start a business en-devour than to learn from the top experts in the field.

Years ago when I was growing Stone Fruit I was part of the Stone Fruit Association and went on field trips checking out orchards, packing sheds and the interstate markets. Events like the Commission Expo trip give me a chance to see what the experts are teaching then implement that advice in my own Business.

The new website will be completed in time for the trip.  That gives me ample opportunity to start implementing all the different methods of promoting before and during the event.  Plus I walk away with a new product with PLR rights that we develop as part of the Inner Circle training while I am there. It is a chance to talk to those experts one on one and make connections. Take plenty photos and video clips to use for future promotions and generally build Business Connections.

What better way to join the Online Millionaire Society. To be rubbing solders with like minded people.There is still time to get your ticket. Check out this link

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