Finding the Right Solution

When an obstetrical gets in your way, there is always  a way of finding the right solution to fit your needs…

I work long days, sometimes starting at 5 am and working till I drop. I’ll get something to eat then sleep till I wake or the alarm goes off at 7 pm then I work through until I get tired. I call it my method of getting two working days from the same day. Eventually time catches up and I take the odd night off to relax. 

The trouble with working long hours is eventually others feel left out and start to intrude on my work. Her name is Mini-Me. At times during the day she will jump up on my desk. Usually a quick cuddle is enough to send her on her way. But lately she has decided to plonk herself on everything I am working on.

If I needed a password she would be the ideal candidate to produce one. It is nothing for her to walk across the keyboard or trigger events with the wave of a tail. I tried picking her up and working one handed. That did not work. I can not put her outside. She is terrified of all the traffic.

So for days I put up with it as just one of those daily annoyances. Then I came up with a brilliant solution. I moved the computers a little to avoid the afternoon glare which left just enough room for her basket. Now she is content to curl up and go to sleep in her warm bed leaving me to get on with my work.

Now she is content and warm and I no longer get distracted  by a heavy lump of fur on my work. It was simply a matter of finding the right solution for the problem…