Planning the goal

Goal is to become an Online Business Entrepreneur

When I said my Goal was to become a successful entrepreneur and make money online, I got laughed at.

 I am here to tell you that my goal to be an Entrepreneur with an Internet Business is real…

I have a clear picture of what my goal is.  It is all mapped out. Every detail clearly set out in a detailed business plan. This blog is the first step in implementing that plan. Taking it one step at a time. Completing each small goal in the process of completing the big plan. 

Forget all the skeptics, all the doubters, and the sour faced people with no get-up and go to do anything.  Take hold of your Goals and you must take hold of them, just as I have.  I can dream about being successful entrepreneur because I have seen first hand how it feels. To reaching your final target on a product promotion with a simple product. My goal is to have multiple products.

I was privileged to watch Frank Kern make a Million in sales in 24 hours. The excitement, the anticipation and the anguish as the final tally is almost reached. As Frank neared his goal there was sheer panic as he is on the phone to PayPal explaining it is a launch. He had to get his account reinstated just in time for the final few minutes. Then overwhelming relief as the Million dollar Goal was reached a few seconds after the 24 hour deadline.

I remember that Promotion till this very day… It is one thing to watch some one else achieve their goals, it is another to reach your own goals especially if you do not know what they are.

What exactly are my Goals

My long term goal is to eventually build units, but to achieve that goal first I must build my Online Business to make the capital. I need a base to sell from and products to sell. My core products are in the IM niche. That is the Internet Marketing niche. I also sell in many other top interest niches through my base stores.  My goal is to use that platform to draw people into my IM niche products. That is the logic around my plan without giving too much away. My income sources vary and my traffic is from a variety of sources so not to rely on one method alone.

The Goal is to break this Plan down into achievable smaller goals that flow to achieve the end result. Each step results in a stand alone finished income source that can eventually be connected to the network. With each step I develop a winning blueprint with slight tweaks as the project evolves.

An Experienced Entrepreneur looks at this final plan and then reverse engineers the project and plans out the step by step goals to achieve that final result. A couple Mentors finally got that message through only recently and since then it has been way easier to plan.

I have been building websites for what feels like decades. Yes I count in decades now. It is one thing to build websites and know some SEO. If I was to pull off what I wanted to achieve then I needed to learn the ropes to understand what else is involved in building a successful Business first.

Learning everything to achieve my Goals…

I have spent the last few years learning from a few of the top successful online marketers and product creators. After trying the Uni method I found their teaching very lacking and filled with useless academic fluff, to put it mildly. To be honest I learnt more from the people who are making the serious money, than Uni. I kept at it until the parts clicked into place.

The basis of being a good entrepreneur is taking ownership of your own ideas and business. It is totally up to you if your venture works or not. When you come up against an obstetrical you try again.Or you find another way to make it work  another angle or idea. Never giving up on your long term goal.

The goal of any successful entrepreneur is to sell something. This can be your services, your products, other peoples products or advertising fees… Online that means you need to be in contact with people requiring your services or products, so you need to be good at finding where those people are and understand their needs and finding the right people to promote your services to the right group of people.

I believe you should make this research a huge part of your business plan, regardless of the topic, be it your passion or just an interest.  The more you research your topic the clearer that picture will become for what you may want to create or sell.  All creations start with a idea, a thought, a rough sketch and build out to a plan and finally something you can build.  It is possible you may find your idea is not viable.

Your goal is to find a Profitable Niche

An Internet Business aim is to develop a profitable niche. For this niche you need quality products. Because the market is online, it is mostly digital, video, audio, photography, graphics, software, games, websites, services or even stores for real physical products.  You don’t even have to create your own products if you don’t want to. You can sell other people’s products via affiliate promotions.

This that does not mean you do no work. Selling online is a skill. It takes a lot of planning and executing to set everything up. You need to automate the processes so if you can grow your business. When you find a method that works repeat the process with a new venture. 

Learn from your mistakes and replete the methods that bring you successes. Observe what other people are doing in your industry and see where you can take advantage. The hidden gems within your research need to be tested. Once you have a winning niche then concentrate on developing it further. Discovering profitable niches should be your top goal.

Having the ability to dream big, regardless of the topic you’re interested in, helps you see bigger opportunities and to build many forms of income from the same research it takes to build one thing online, from offering services, writing content to teaching classes to addressing seminars, or finding a steady flow of traffic you can market to.

Choose how you Brand your Business…

It does not matter if your the reserved person who builds and promotes websites or products for a living. Maybe your the in your face marketer who is branding themselves.  Either way you have to know how to get peoples attention, make and close a sale and that takes learning a few skills and knowing and believing in yourself and your product.

I look at it like it is your reputation is on the line, if a product or service is not of the highest quality, be it your own or someone else’s then I do not promote it.  You may Brand your business like you would with a store. You can develop yourself as the Brand or Author. My goal is to use both methods. The biggest question is “Is this product good enough to put your reputation on it?”

My group of stores is Branded under one Banner. My Products are branded individually yet they will grouped together by my Author name. The two sections of my Business are brought together under my main business website.

It is going to be a huge undertaking to achieve my overall Online Business goal. A little daunting when I think about it. But if I can develop an Orchard out of an unproductive piece of land then I can develop an online business from scratch just as well.

I  am a carpenter’s daughter so I relate building an Internet Empire to Building a block of units. You visualize the big picture, your dream building with all the pools and glamour. Then you work out the physical structure of the building, the requirements like plumbing and electrical. You plan out every detail and map it out. Work out your budget and hand that to the Planning authority for approval and finally, you can start organizing contractors to build your dream units. Organize a management team to prepare, fine tune and run your units for you, while you plan your next project.

My long term goal would be to actually build these units I relate to. But that is a future goal first I must concentrate on the goal at hand to build my online business and become the successful entrepreneur…

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