It has always been my dream to make money online and to become a Successful Entrepreneur. I held onto that dream as I studied everything I could to make it happen, even with the ridicule of family and past friends. You see I know people who have mastered the art of making money online. I have literally been behind the scenes of their big launches, watched the excitement as Frank Kern, one of my first instructors, was on the phone to PayPal to fix a problem just as his product was about to hit the 1 Million mark in 24 hours.

I am realistic, I am not likely to have that problem at least for now, but I had come up with a plan.  It has taken some time to get all the pieces into action and I realized that if I was going to build a website business from scratch that I would need some help. Here in Tasmania, the Australian Government has the NEIS (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme) to help low income people get started in their own business. They took me through the process of writing my business plan, and they mentor you through the business side of the business for the first year.  After completing my Business Plan, and gaining NEIS backing, my Online Business goes live on Thursday Jan 11.

I have completed the initial setup of the base site websites and secured them from hackers ready for content. Now considering I am starting from scratch on Jan 11 there is still a lot to setup before that date. The initial base site is ready for content, there are Social sites to set up and lists to set up. Affiliate accounts are sitting ready and programs are all in place. The agreement is that nothing can go live before that time.

I have selected a Mentor to see me through the Product Creation Phase of my business, along with two other Mentors I will retain, as experienced people to use as accountability partners.  They will keep me from wandering off the path as it was. I also have a few other close people I know online to network with.  I am not saying I am an expert, because this is the first time I have really looked at my online experience as a Business rather as an online College.  There is only so much you can learn from classes, you need to put it into practice. 

This year I have forced myself to make my dream a reality. 

I have the two Australian Business Names for the two parts of the business. I have acquired all the Domains and hosting and the equipment I need to make it all happen. I have material that can be used to create reports and help create products. All the programs and software required to produce videos, audio and graphics that play a big part of this business. I have my Mentors who will keep me on track, so now there is nothing holding me back.

I will make money online.

I will not only meet the guidelines set in my Business Plan, I will more than build on those figures as I will be throwing my all into making this Online Business a success.  I have spent a lot of time building up to this point in time, testing sites and traffic methods and some of those methods I was taught in the past have brought me a few sales, even if I had no idea from where.  Now I have tracking programs so I know exactly where the products are purchased, which niche sites are getting the most traffic and I can keep my Social gatherings happy.

You can follow my progress on this journey if you wish.  It is simple, you can join the list below and get informed as new content is added or you can follow my  Personal Facebook Page until the new Social Pages go live. 

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