My First Sale – The Feeling Is So Good

My First Sale

The feeling of making that first sale is ecstatic…

I woke this morning at about 3:50 am. Then I checked my computer hoping to get an early start on my new website. A message popped up from Facebook. I checked the Facebook post only to be totally wowed!  I had made my first sale since I rebuilt my Online Business in January.  Not only was this my first sale it was my first $1000 dollar sale. Do you know how exciting that feeling is. It is confirmation that all this hard work is so worth the effort.

It is the motivator to build bigger and better things and make more sales just like this one.  I have been working on my new site for what feels like for ever. I woke with the expectation of finishing my Promotion Site. At the moment the site is turned off to the world. The site is getting those last minute things done and checked. I will make this post short because I need to do just that, get the Promotion site complete.

Enjoying the moment…

Just for these few moments I wish to bath in the excitement of making that first sale.  You need to realize just what a moment it is in your online career and how exciting it really is. Believe me it will be the thing that will change your life.  When I started this new Business back in mid January it was with a heavy heart because my past en-devours had been so lacking.  Today has lifted my spirits so much because for the first time I can see that light at the end of the tunnel.

My first sale since starting my business in Jan

Imagine getting these kind of messages every day.  Well that is my aim with the new site. My Promotion site is almost ready.  That is the main reason I have been a little lacking in posting on my blog, because I have been working on this site instead.

I have to thank Michael Cheney for my first sale. His 7 Figure Franchise program with all it’s amazing funnels is a lure for any one starting out.  A complete automated Business Package with not just products but 9 complete funnels done for you. That also comes with recurring monthly income.

If you want to check out the quality of Michael’s products then you should start here… The Commission Machine is a top notch affiliate marketing product that is going to help you get more affiliate sales.  Michael is a top expert in this field as he will show you.

If you want to see what led to my excitement to day then check out this amazing video…


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