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PLR Material – Building a Huge Library of Information

Top quality PLR Material is hard to come by

It is even worse when you loose access to an expensive pack of PLR Material. It was panic stations for a while…


For a moment I thought I had lost complete access to this PLR material I had brought. I was lucky to have my login reset but it took a few days to access anyone. So I put almost everything, bar my training, on hold this week. I have been frantically downloading for over a week and sorting the material as I go. I did get a bit frazzled for a few days as this was an expensive package and now I am relieved all my big PLR packages are downloaded.

It took over a week of downloading this top quality PLR material.

PLR material is used to build the ideas and basis for products. When your starting out in niche areas you know little about it is easy to research that topic + PLR and see what you come up with. Or there are companies who specialise in selling PLR.

I was lucky enough to buy a full Business with PLR rights. It gives me a range of products to work with and another groups of products, plugins and software to utilize in my online business. PLR in this case means I can do anything with the content, create any type of information product with it. There is a minimum price restriction for selling it. 

Why Buy PLR Material…

I mainly brought this package of PLR material for the 26 full product funnels it offered. While not all of this material is for product creation. I do have a vast library of articles and ideas to keep me active for years.

The Article Library took a whole weekend alone to download and sort. There is a huge library of graphics, video and music clips with PLR rights. All this PLR material can be utilized in many different ways.

We are talking about 17 years of experience going into this material. This is just the better part. I am told there was much more non relevant stuff that was thrown out when they were sorting this materal for sale.

The main benefit of such a Library of PLR Material at my disposal is the pure handiness of utilizing the information as I need it. I know it all comes from a man of vast experience and knowledge. His training is unique and follows the simplistic model I want to follow.

This is not the only PLR material I have. I have paid for monthly PLR material from reliable sources. Plus I have collected other PLR rights material as we all do. The cheap PLR material Will require a lot of upgrading to be of any value. It gives me ideas and a basis to make sure my material is of higher perceived value.

So what can you do with all this PLR Material?

It is important to note that articles and products need to be unique. It is not ehtical to just sell a PLR product or post a PLR artical as it is. Let alone sell the PLR rights for less than the agreed price. The rights that come with the PLR material dictate what you can or can not do with it.

PLR material becomes the basis for further research on the topic. Some PLR even comes with Research Material, selected keywords and affiliate research. This gives a good base to further the research and test the theories. Improve the content  the PLR material can rewrite The Content in my own style.

Blog articles, reports for Leads, writing books or add Kindle products, producing videos or audio content… The list goes on as to what you can do with this content. So lets be realistic. Product creation is the most profitable way to go. With so much material it is possible to put together packages of products to sell.

I am looking at the big picture to help People

I know from my years of study that there is a level of understanding people must reach before they can undertake the challenge of building a business online. Also there are many skills to be mastered in the Online niche. Not everyone is at the same level of interest or skill. I would need to develop products for these skill levels. Besides target products for different needs.

My main focus is the Online Business Niche. But this is not the only area I would target. Much of my PLR material also covers the everyday person’s needs. I have enough research material to target the top niche areas in this vast Family Niche area and a life time of experience as a Mum and offline Business owner.

The Skill is to learn from and put this PLR material to use in building a business that will grow on its self. What I mean is educate those with no knowledge through to expanding the knowledge of more experienced online people. Then having a range of material that will expand on the knowledge a person needs to know to Grow Their Business.

I can  use the remaining PLR material to build small feeder products that lead to the main core products. Bonus material for Affiliate Promotions. Small affordable products spread through out the Niche sites to draw people to the idea of building their own online presence. Small information products that fill a gap in a persons needs.

How is the PLR Product Material going to help…

If I make all the small products Viral with links back to relevant sites  they become a traffic source in their own right. Traffic can come in many forms and possibly the most utilized area is Social traffic. Social networks and how they work to their full advantage is a topic most people have some interest in both offline and on. It is a subject that can be addressed to Various Audiences, no just as a traffic source.

Talking of traffic sources. A lot of the PLR material I have is Traffic Related. These traffic methods will need to be tested. The results becomes the latest method for gaining traffic product. Not only will it be a true and tested method, but there is proof by videoing results and taking screen shots of the method in action. On the other hand if it does not work then it becomes a Product to warn people to stay away from those methods.

As you can see there are endless methods to utilizing a quality PLR material package. From building your article library, saving your PLR graphics, music and video clips, building template, squeeze page and swipe libraries to full video courses or funnels of products that you can update. The biggest benefit will be the knowledge base you have for building your own Information Product Ideas

While the huge info package is no longer available, there are many quality PLR material packages on the market. Simply type your niche in the search engines + PLR and you should find what you are looking for. If you want ideas join Sure Fire Wealth for free. If you like the site and all it’s benefits then you might consider upgrading. 

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