Posting from Orlando – Expo Time Is Almost Here

Posting from Orlando

Commission Expo

I am posting from Orlando after traveling for 29 hours across the world and getting settled into the Florida Hotel and Convention center.  I am eagerly awaiting the Commission Expo for 2018. The time is almost here…

I had a little time yesterday to get settled, checkout part of the Mall and find a 17″ laptop so I can see to get on with my work. I have never heard of MSI before. As long as it handles video that is all I care about because I have a lot of work to do with video in the coming months.

Just in case you do not have a ticket, it is not too late. Click the banner and just get here…

To say I am excited is a slight understatement. When I ran into Omar and Melinda yesterday it was like catching up with Family. Mind you I was not expecting Omar’s unique accent.  And he was more intrigued with mine.

Today gives me a little time to catch up on some training for the Kartra program I will be using to sell my products. Mike Filsaime will be here for the Expo so I can ask him a few questions. May be reminis a bit since I have known Mike for over a decade.

Setting up the equipment for posting from Orlando…

I plan on getting as much of this Expo on audio if not video this weekend.

I will have to get the computer set up today just so I can capture the image and audio.  It may take a bit of setting up, but I will need it for later any way. For some reason the phone is only using one camera direction. Luckily for me I have an Apple store and a Microsoft store here in the Mall to get advice from.

So I guess it is down to the Mall, a light breakfast and get the advice I require to make this all happen.  I may as well make the most of this advent while I have the chance. Opportunities like this do not happen everyday. I should be able to utilize the ipad as well.

It is all happening here in Orlando and everyone is busy preparing for the event.

Before the Event…

After shopping for the first two days I could not wait for the event. I met my Mentors as they arrived at the Florida Hotel. Omar has this deep accent that I was not prepared for as I met him unloading his truck out front of the hotel. Warm hugs and excitement from both Omar and Melinda who was inside at reception. This was the first time I met these guys face to face yet it was like I have known them all my life.

I met John and Dave a day later. The doorman said there were two scruffy British guys who had just arrived and they were in the bar. Scruffy! Hey man these guys are multi millionaires. Sure enough the boys were in the bar. It is good when someone you have never met knows you all the same. Warm greetings even after a tiring trip. John was delighted to meet me and Dave, even though he is not a mentor also knew me which was quiet a surprise.

The first into night of the event…

Registration day could not arrive soon enough. Drinks in the bar before the evening event. The night was extremely interesting from my perspective and extremely funny from the audience. A group of us were invited up on stage. I was one of the first from my side of the room. We had a hypnotist who was filling in on short notice. Some of us stayed and some were sent back to the audience. It was like part of me was asleep and the other part awake.

Each person was given a number of suggestions and between we were dancing or asleep yet awake at the same time. One time I remember we were asked to stand and choose an instrument to play. I was playing a big base drum. He asking my name a number of times and I would answer Sarah. Others gave their full name.

Another time he Andy smelling the next person and he had me playing an air guitar. He asked what are you doing? I am playing guitar. What are you playing? I don’t know it is in the air. Then he broke one of my strings. But I am not finished and I kept playing on one string. Then he broke that string. I remember the horror but then I used the body of the guitar… I am not finished then he put me back to sleep. Bu this time the audience was in fits of laughter.

What is your name? Sarah! Sarah would you like to dance with me. I remember these googly eyes and the suggestion That we were madly in love. I even danced as if I was swept of my feet then I had to stay seated but was totally jealous of anyone else he danced with. There were mixed emotions, no your mine, no no no, but when Andy danced he was totally inappropriate. Then I got real upset. He came back up my end of the stage What is wrong? That big guy was rude you should stay away from him, your mine.

Then there was the dance competition. We each had a style. And I remember Andy wobbling his backside to the audience, the eldest gentleman really getting into the groove and I had gunman style not that I knew what it was but I was dancing any way. Then he is handing out the scores. Andy got disqualified and he said Ow well next time maybe. Then one of the guys got first and I remember thinking no. By the time he got to me it was your second… No I am first! I will pay you $1,000 o be second. No I am first! I will pay you $50,000 to be second. No I am first! I will pay you $1,000,000 to be second. No I am first!

I remember him saying to me before we left stage You will go far, your not willing to give up and you already have what it takes because you are number one. That has stayed with me. He also gave each of us a suggestion as we left stage. I was an Uber bus driver. We all went back to our seats. Then in turn everyone reacted to a key word.

Then he said Uber! well I am out of my seat and up driving my bus. I have a licence for this I said to him as I passed. What was that? I have a bus licence, it is Tasmanian but that does not matter. Then he sent me up the Isle to get passengers. No one would join in I get to the end and ask John to jump on my bus. He didn’t and I said John does not trust me. Then I was sapped out of the trance and I returned to my seat.

This is the one thing I remember quiet vividly, yet at the time I had no control of what I said. It was like being in two spaces at the same time.

The following three days was full on…

I had all intentions of posting from Orlando, but the event was so full on. You literally had to take notes the whole time to keep up. The evenings and some days for lunch were take up with events. That is the whole reason to go to these Expos, to meet all the different people an network with them. We certainly had plenty of opportunities to do exactly that.

Being part of the Elite Inner Circle group has it’s advantages and we were shouted dinner. There was tea at the Italian restaurant. Drinks, dancing and music the next night. The following night we headed down town to a club. It was very interesting, limo and party bus. Vodka with sparkles as the girls brought them in. Luckily I had a pole to cling to or I was not standing. No it was not the vodka and orange, well maybe, my back was still out from dancing on stage. So this is the Millionaire lifestyle Omar!

As the party came to an end we all headed out side. A few of the locals were getting a bit vocal. I was encouraged to go in the limo, infact John and Melinda insisted, not that I wanted too it was rather squashed compared to the bus. Then the limo broke down. We only made it a block or two then the engine gave out so we all piled out.

The bus was coming and a few took a taxi so the remainder of us piled onto the party bus. As soon as I hit the seat I was asleep. Omar woke me when we reached the hotel. By the time I got up to my room on the 6th floor it was 3:25 in the morning. The next morning I had to pack and be ready for the bus to Omar and Melinda’s Mansion.

The rain did not spoil the party the next day, the food and soft drinks were refreshing after the previous days and we all had a chance to connect before we headed home. Omar’s Mum remembered me from the Event. I must have been the only one to say halo. She invited me in to look at her home that Omar had built for her. Even with limited English we were able to communicate very well.

By 3 pm a group of us were heading to the Orlando airport. I was barely standing, let alone walking. After 3 rows of people the airport guys organised a wheel chair and I was so glad they did or I would have never made my trip and at Los Angeles it was so hectic there was no way I could have found my way alone. It was 35 hours from the time I left the Martin Mansion on the other side of the world till the time my Brother brought me back home from the Hobart Airport.

So what did I learn from going to the Expo…

Besides finally meeting all the people I have known for almost two decades in this business and all the new players as well. I got a glimpse of myself many years ago through the newbies who attended. The group who are starting their learning journey and yet expect riches today. The dream does not happen that way, it takes a lot of training and work to setup a sustainable business.

I guess the main thing I learnt is I really already know what I need to do. Many of the speakers confirmed this point.  I have strong Mentors and both Omar and John were at the event. And I have the programs I need and those people Mike, Joel, Igor, were at the event. Plus I have plenty of content and again those guys Todd, Paul and new comer Ben were at the event.

Mike Filsaime who I have known for decades and was Mentor to both John and Omar as he was for me over the years was there. We knew each other instantly as did Tom who I have known for almost as long. I met Liz who I had met back on the Warrior forum 18 years ago. Liz confirmed many things I am doing as she is doing the same thing with total success. It just so happens that I also have all her products.

There were a lot of new faces there also, people I have come across and some I had not heard about. Then I met the people from JV Zoo, the people I will be working with in the not so distant future.

It was not so much what they were talking about up on stage (I have the notes for that) it was more getting to know all these people. That was the biggest thing I came away from going to Orlando. Building a relationship with the players in the industry and getting to know them on a different level.  It is a bit like you getting to know me through my writing. I have learnt who I can trust to work with and I have got to glimpse into their personalities a lot more.

What comes next after such an amazing event…

First I have my next trip booked with Capt. Lou Edwards and Mike Filsaime on the Marketers Cruise Jan 26th to Feb 2nd next year. Many people from the event are going. I had seen this before and was longing to go and now I have a double ocean view room booked. I have no one to go with me as yet…

It has taken a few days to recover from the trip/ I guess jet-lag is a real thing. Regardless I have got back into work.  I have products to develop, 8 more of these information and promotion websites to put up and all the technical setup behind the scenes to bring it all together. Linking all the tools and platforms so I can track leads and customers is top priority.

I picked up many new tips from some of the speakers at the event. I have already added these into my setup plan. The biggest point that came across was to grow your list with the aim of helping them get to a final goal. By knowing what that goal for each list is helps you plan the steps to get there. While this is not a new teaching for me, it did made me look at the process of delivering my products.

For those of you who have had a chance to read “By Sarah McLeod” you will realize I have a number of top level Products. Go to the Products tab and Products Ready To Sell. My Mentor Omar was releasing his new upgraded ACE program at the event. If there is one thing I wish to totally recommend from going to Orlando is this ACE program. At the moment you can access this by going through the Buzzinar program on the Products page or in a few days you will be able to access the full program on the above page. I will update as soon as they are ready.

As a new beginner, as you well may be, or even if you have started your online journey you need Products. With ACE the Automated Commission Enterprise you get 5 complete product funnels and two top level products including recurring commissions all giving you 100% commissions straight into your account. Plus you get 50% on the back-end program. A completely automated system.  You also get full access to all the products yourself. So there is no excuse not to learn the online business as well as promote them.

All you need is traffic and I have that covered for you as well.  Besides all the Programs the top level ready to promote products like ACE and 7 Figure Franchise have training on getting traffic.  You can get more traffic ideas from getting Simple Traffic Solutions. As soon as you understand how to get traffic, you need to be collecting your leads so you can keep in contact with the people who join your group.

More on that topic in the next Post.

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    Apologies if you have heard from me before… I am on John Thornhills Ambassador Training Program and I think you mentioned that you have done the same, just wondering how you are getting on, would appreciate hearing from you



    1. Hi Stuart,

      Yes I have reinstated the Ambassador program. In fact I have just finished my first promotion post on John’s Blog.
      The last time I promoted a similar program of John’s it brought in a stream of smaller sales. This time I intend to promote the top programs as they work well together.
      You still need to promote the Ambassador Program to get the full benefit of it. I also like to promote individual products where I can, using individual email campaigns.
      My main concentration right now is getting through the Partnership to Success training. This is a little different than the last time I did it. This is a 60-day program to get products ready which means Getting a lot more products promoted in one year.
      The benefit of doing the two programs together is you can promote the high ticket programs on the back of your own products. I have seen my fellow students do very well using this method.

      Yes, I totally believe these programs are a great investment in time and money. John is a great bloke, we go back years and I know he will be around for years to come. He is also the best Mentor I have ever had.

      You can still make a small income as John’s Affiliate and earn 50% commissions on his products but with Ambassador you get 100%.

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