Hi I am Sarah McLeod, I build Websites, but my Folks did not always approve of me building websites…

Building Websites was not something I Intended to Do, it just happened…

My real interest started when I decided I needed a website for my Thylacine creations a few years later. That was back when all websites had to be coded. I had to learn HTML and design graphics one pixal at a time, techie stuff that I mastered, but I also realised that producing ornaments for a limited market was not going to pay.

I really did not have a lot of time for building websites when I returned to work, buses took up most of my time and energy for a few years until a near miss, left me with a severally whip lashed neck, a damaged eye and eventually no job.

By the time I had the opperation on the bad eye, I was living with my folks a Gorden, a quiet waterside area opposite Bruny Island in Tasmania. I had a chance to get back on the computer and catch up on technology. Building websites was done on a new platform by then so I had to learn all about WordPress.

After the operation on the one eye, I came back not being able to see more than a metre with both my eyes. I remember sitting at the table talking to my Dad when I returned, he was at one end and I was at the other, I could not see him, so he moved to the shorter side of the table and I sat opposite just so I could see him clearly. It was not so much scary as intriguing.

What was I going to do as a Vision Impaired person?

The only thing I could do at that time was use the computer, so I returned to building websites… I had to catch up on all the changes with building websites and learning this new concept called SEO so the search engines could find my site. In doing all that I started to come across stuff being sold online and I started to study these people and how they were building their websites.

My Folks encouraged me to keep busy. They were quite intrigued that a vision impaired person could build websites let alone that it was possible to make money doing so. I would research a few topics for Dad, like fishing and garden plants, but he could not see how any of that was going to make me money and at the time I did not know either.

I returned to the city as I had a lot of medical appointments at that time and it was too far for my Dad to drive and buses were only available during school times. For six months I stayed at a lodge, designed with the vision impaired in mind, while my eye recovered from the surgery and eventually I could see again. As soon as I was able I packed my car and headed to the mainland to my Daughter’s home.

At Seymour I could relax and concentrate on building the Websites once again.

I was so pleased to be able to return to making my websites, it was realy exciting…

I was really pleased to be able to return to making my websites, it was realy exciting… I had learnt the basics of how to sell stuff online and I was building a number of websites, I even made a couple affiliate sales and I was able to explain to my Dad how it was all done. Finally I had my Dad’s blessing. “If you can do this, then give it your best”

Building websites was one thing, knowing what to do next was a bit more difficult as I new nothing about marketing, sales copy and copywriting and the techie guys that did know made it all sound so complicated. I needed a mentor to show me the ropes, so I found just the right person. His name was Omar Martin and he was the top student of another person I was watching, infact he was making more money than his mentor.

My Dad had said if you want to learn something, watch how the masters do their job and learn from them. Of course he was talking about learning his trade, when he was a builder, but the same runs true in any business.

My Dad was a great influence in my life and when he died, my world came crashing down as well, we both had the same cancer, only his had spread. I was lucky, but still I took down all buy one website and that was only because I had paid for hosting and I had spent months building this site.

Having Cancer shook my world and setback my Website Ideas.

I missed the excitement of building websites, but the stress of cancer made it impossible to concentrate…

I seen the potencial of building websites for selling products and advertising other peoples goods for a commission, I just had to learn a lot more, because there is a lot to know to pull this off sucessfully and it kept me going through all the medical crap I was going through. I studied all the product creation and marketing side of having a website from Omar.

When you build a website you need tools and plugins to make your website work efficiently and in the process of looking for an autoresponder I met a very smart Coder and Marketer, Sean Donahoe. I joined Sean’s Group to learn all the technical stuff behind building websites and to keep up on all the changes on the internet.

Now I have two Mentors, one to help me build the stuff that goes on websites and the other to help me keep that website going. With the help of my Mentors I have been able to understand the many aspects of Building websites into an online business, which has become my passion.

I started rebuilding my websites until the two servers crashed last year. I was devastated. I was fighting yet another cancer scare and I totally crashed for a few months. Today I am writing again after rebuilding the first of my Websites.

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