The new iMac compared to the new Asus computers

The New iMac Has Arrived And I am Ecstatic

I have always wanted a new iMac

Ever since I virtually  baked my MacBook Pro in my Camper one very hot summers day. I had longed for a new iMac. This one has a 5K resolution screen and a huge 8TB internal hard drive.


Well after six long weeks the new iMac is here…

This is a massive investment in my future. Fully loaded with the complete Adobe suite to handle all aspects of product creation. And boy… the screen resolution is so wow! The first experience with my own 5K screen.

A couple years back I was at the Melbourne Eye Clinic. I could not see clearly past a couple meters, but in the fog I spotted my first 5K iMac and I could see it with precision clarity. Instantly I fell in love with them.  I set it up against the 4k screen of the Asus and against the big screen I need to use with the Acer laptop to see. It is amazing how the new iMac stands out.

Compare the new iMac 5K screen To the 4K on the Asus and the big screen connected to the Acer


The sound is so perfect. While I am writing I have the iMac going in the background. I can feel the sound resonating through my sole.  This is the only way to work. I am surrounded by computers and each on has a given job to do.  Computers have been my life, ever since I lost my long distance sight a few years ago.

The new iMac is perfect for video and graphic production due to the clarity. Last week I was blown away with the 4K screen on the new Asus, but now I am speechless. Many years ago after the eye surgery, I would go outside and take photos of the shapes in the distance. I would then come back inside and add them to the MacBook to see what I was missing out on. Now I do the same and I have to be careful what I take pictures of because I can see every detail.

By now I guess you may have gathered I am more than thrilled with the new 5K iMac. I still love the new 4K Asus even if it is running Windows… There are times you still need a windows computer. Then there is my old faithful Acer that I connect to the huge monitor. I brought the Acer second hand back when I melted the MacBook Pro.

It has been a good little computer especially as I save everything to a portable hard drive and the computer uses its resources to run the programs. Yes I have tested it to breaking point a few times. It would be so slow. So you can imagine the amazement when I started doing the exact same things with the new iMac. It is lightning fast.

In the past few days I have had a lot of downloading to do. The files would time out and unzipping products and sorting folders would slow the little Acer computer down to a crawl. I have big files that I downloaded to the iMac and it was done in seconds. Unzipping the same files was so easy. I tested a few files at first, then I selected the remaining fifty odd files and opened them all. It is so much easier to select the files I want and place them in the exact folder I choose. 

I am yet to test the full potential of the computer. First I have to work out what each of the Adobe products is first.  It does not take me long once I get the feel for the program. If I can mastered 3D design when I went back to College at forty, I can master these…

OK enough about my new IMac, I have bragged enough. But I do love it… When I complete the Mac site I will link it here so you can check them out for yourself.

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