There are many parts to Working Online

The whole experience of working online is to make an income.

When I started working online I had a set plan and a time frame to get those goals established. I was working on what I knew from before I devised that plan. I soon learnt during my journey that the online business world is a constantly changing place. It is not always easy to keep up with those changes.

Recently we had the introduction of European Privacy Law. I may not agree with this body of people trying to control what the rest of the world do with their websites. But some of my best people online reside in these countries so I comply with their demands.

The question that I ask is with all the different countries in this world what happens if they all start placing demands on website owners… How confusing does it make it to work online. More important, how do we find out where our customers come from without invading their privacy in the first place.

Who are our Customers online…

There are billions of people who use the internet daily. They are not all looking for the same things. So how do we work out who the people are and what they want within the topic we have some expertise with. Why do we need this information in the first place when we simply have a great idea we wish to share with the world. 

I guess the question is more are you doing this as a hobby or as a serious business. When your working online your goal is to make an income. Regardless of how high you want that income to be, you need customers who will buy your goods. Therefore when you start you need to know if there are people willing to buy in your niche.

Who are those people and where do they come from. What are they buying now and how do we know. And the bigger question is how can this help us working online.

Where do we find this Customer Information

There are a group of Key Players who control most of the customer data online.  They comprise the two biggest search engines, Google and their YouTube. The largest Social Media platform is Facebook. Then the largest online store Amazon. The main affiliate sites Clickbank and JV Zoo. Takeing it one step further you could check the Warrior Forum for information. It is the oldest and still one of the top forums online.

What sort of information are we looking for?

  • Assuming we are looking for physical products that people are buying online, then it makes sense to start with Amazon’s Top Products and see what is selling on there.
  • With digital products we would start with Clickbank Market Place and click the search icon to see what the top selling products are. The index on the left on Clickbank will help you refine your searches. Try to define how many top products are selling in any niche. For Online Business topics JV Zoo is your best indicator. Though it cab be a little less easier to research.
  • Books and Magazines that are selling well are another indication of what topics people are interested in. Publishers only publish when there is an audience to sell to.

Here we are looking for the type of things customers are already buying and what their interests are. Once we have a hot topic we would extend our research even further. The top advertising platforms are the best place to start.

  • A Google search for the Hot Topic will show not just the top sites for that search term, but it also shows related top searched terms. Write these terms down. Take note of the number of ads associated with each term. Ads indicate that Companies are willing to pay to get customers so it has to be a good seller to justify the cost.
  • Facebook is another huge advertiser and they have the hugest database of information on what people like and buy. First look for groups on your topic and start joining some of the larger groups to get the feel of what people want to know. In the Ads Manager you can search the same topic and find out what countries, what age groups, gender and income brackets are most interested in that topic. This is your target market.
  • Take a look on YouTube with the same search terms. You are looking for the topics and videos with the highest interest and the most ads. When you know what topics people are watching, take notes and copy the URL of those videos.

How does this Information help us…

Our goal when working online is to make an income right. What all this research should show is who the average customer is so we can address their needs. We should know what they are buying already and what they are interested in so we can help them further.  We should have a good idea where they hang out and what is troubling them the most.

With this profile of our ideal customer we can develop our online presence to entice those customers.

  • This can be in the form of a blog or website that we create for that audience. We use these sites to build our lists and start building a trust relationship with those people. Plus we build our Facebook Group and other Social sites that we use to attract an audience. 
  • We can choose to Promote products either via a Review Site. A Bonus site for online promotions or an Online Store. At the same time building a Mailing List of loyal Customers and promote from our Social Groups. More than Likely you would combine all methods over time to build your loyal online Audience.
  • Then we create Products for that Audience. These can include Books, Videos, Audio, Software or Physical products depending on our skills. It can also include Services and Training groups that we sell. To enhance our audience reach we can place these services or products on affiliate platforms.

Not all Methods will work for every audience…

So you set up a small scale testing platform using the platform(s) you are most comfortable with. For me I like building websites. I would then consider building Social Groups. Even though I am not comfortable with video, the next step would be to add a YouTube channel. 

Only when You are comfortable with the results would you go on to develop fully functional product sites and funnels. In the mean time you could test your writing and video skills by developing viral reports.  These build your list and are bonus products to promote affiliate offers. The trick is to make your Bonuses not just Viral. (meaning they contain links to your websites and your other products) You deliver them is such a way that your customer can see your other bonus offers. This entices them into buying other products.

Watch the results carefully and talk to your groups to find out where their biggest problems lie. You then give them the information they need via your platform. Eventually you are going to see a trend in what your audience is clearly interested in.  You would then develop a unique series of products for them. 

How do you Scale your work online…

This is where your interest will change. Instead of targeting your interest just on your customer audience. You are now going to target your Affiliates and Vendors in your Niche. These are the people who will be promoting your products to their audiences. They are more than likely the same people you have been promoting products for yourself.

You are now going to learn what it is that your JV partners want and how to specifically target their audiences. There may be times you join up and do joint ventures with other marketers in your niche.  It will also be a time where you find yourself moving into the Online Business niche to learn more skills.

Once you have your websites and products in place. You should constantly be building your customer base. Advertising your websites via Squeeze pages that build your lists and link to your products.

  • Solo Ads are a different source of new traffic. But be warned. You must match your niche with that of the supplier and only go with trusted sources.
  • Facebook Ads require you to have some knowledge of the platform. It is advisable to study how Facebook work. As you can get your ad spend down to cents per lead. You need to be taking advantage of re-targeting to make the most of the platform. You may find it beneficial to send the targeted traffic to your group and promote from there. The thing with this platform is that it is constantly changing and you should monitor your results closely.
  • Google Adwords Ads on YouTube is another cheap form of traffic. If you target the right videos and channels for your topic.  Pick your keywords carefully and start with a small daily budget. You will eventually find the combination that works best for you. Then it may be worth scaling up your ads. It is possible to add Google search ads, but set your daily budget. It will take time to get the most from these ads. Monitor the results and watch your spending.

Remember people coming through Ads have never seen your offer. They do not know you. So it may take some carefully crafted emails or content to get them to get to know and trust you better. This is where learning copy-writing skills and especially Email Marketing skills comes into play. 

Protect What You Have Been 

Working So Hard Online To Build…

When I started writing I mentioned the ever changing internet. How a few groups can create upheaval by changing the rules of how their businesses work and that effects how our businesses online operate. You really must stay abreast of what is happening within your industry.

It does not pay to have all your eggs in the one basket as it was. Try different things, so when the big companies change the rules of engagement with their companies, you have a backup plan. The biggest of those should be to grow and warm up your list, the people who know and trust you. Save that list to Multiple servers or have a downloadable file.

I have seen online businesses go down over night in the past from Google changes. Ad accounts get closed on Facebook and businesses shut down for weeks at a time because they changed the rules and no longer want to promote certain topics on their platform.

Your quality unique websites and products are an asset to you.  Protect your online assets. Grow them out in many directions so you are not reliant on any one source for your income and when the time comes those sites will be worth a fortune when you go to sell them.

So Lets recap on what you Need To Know before working online…

Your research should tell you who your target audience is for whatever niche you are working online to reach.  The type of products they do buy in your niche. You should know where on line you ideal customers hangout and what their main problems are. The main videos they watch and exactly what topic they address. 

The affiliate product research should give you a list of top performing products in that niche for you to promote until you start developing your own products for that niche.

For Promotion purposes you should know your target search keywords for your audience and a list of YouTube videos and channels to target. You should setup your Social Groups using these best terms and find a very targeted trusted solo ad provider in your market.

I believe to succeed online You also Need A Mentor to guide your way…

Working online is never going to be easy, but if you are starting with the right research your job is going to be a lot easier. What will make your life even more easier is to have the right mentor. Someone who has your best interests at heart. Because to make even more money online you need to be taking all this research and developing your own products. Having someone with the right know how to educate you and promote for you when that product is done.

My Mentor knows how easy it is to to get distracted trying to promote products when you are starting out working online. So he came up with a brilliant idea. For his students he will promote his own products for you while you concentrate on getting your own product done. When your product is ready he and his team of affiliates will promote for you and if you get your team into the program there are more products for everyone to promote and the income keeps growing. It is a totally a win win situation. 

Here is what I propose you do… Jump on the Product Creation Workshop, it is free and see how you like John’s training. At worse you get to learn the basics of creating your own product which you need to survive in this industry. Even if you only use it to build a marketing list it will help you online. You will understand why it is so important to have your own products.  John can explain this a lot better than I can.

What I will say is John is one of the most generous people I know and he goes out of his way to help his students. His new done for you promotion of all his products getting you 100% commission started because I had gone looking for automated programs to promote so I could continue creating products. If you plan to be working online you need this program.  This can also be earning you automated commissions if you chose to join John’s Program while you build your online business. Join the free workshop now before he changes his mind. 

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