Too Much Time Training and Not Enough Creating…

For the past months I have spent way too much time training and no where enough time implementing my sites and products. 

Why Too Much Time Training…

There is a lot to understand when you want to setup a full time online Business. I am not talking about a single website business, that will only make you a few hundred dollars a month. A dedicated online business uses many business platforms that bring in many avenues of income and each require training to understand. Eventually you realize your spending too much time training and not enough time creating what you have learnt.

All the Training has given me a chance to look at the broader picture for where I want to take my Business. It has not been wasted time by any means. You just have to be careful it does not become over whelming. So know I take one step at a time and implement all that I have learnt and setup all the programs I have brought.

Start with the things that do not require too much training…

I know when you are starting out you need to learn a few things to get you started so you can get some income coming in. So I teamed up with a mate of mine from the UK to get you a steady run of income pulling websites where you will not be required to spend too much time training to get your income sites up and running.

There is a reason you would start with these Mini Store Sites first.

  • First there is little training because these sites are easy to setup. 
  • Dave is an expert in this field so the research is all ready done for you.
  • This will give you the expertise of working with your Hosting using simple methods.
  • You get the experience you need because each site uses the same method to setup.

Eventually you will require links to your main websites.  These Mini Store sites are the ideal platform to create those important links. More on that later. For now it is important to get your feeder sites all set up and bringing you a passive income. This will then allow you to go on and build larger more complicated sites.

Step two is simple and does not require a lot of training to setup…

You will require Hosting for your websites. There are two methods to do this.

  • First you could buy a different Domain for every website, but that can become expensive.
  • Or you can but One Domain for all your Mini Store Sites and add Sub Domains for your Mini Store sites. This is my recommended method as it saves so much money and is easy to setup. The easy method is all you need when you are starting out or even when you are a busy Online Business Entrepreneur. 

My Recommended Services come with ample training…

  • Namecheap my recommended Domain Provider . They also have good Cheap  Hosting if you are starting out. You will need the unlimited Stella Plus website package or Stella Business.
  • D9 Hosting is better suited for the serious Online Website User. D9 includes SSL certificates with their hosting so your sites are always secure. This is what you want for your Stores. You can start with D9 Max cheaper hosting. Or preferably use the Multi Site option. That way all your Domains you add in future will have their own cPanel for more security.

How to get the most out of your Mini Sites…

You want to be using the Instant Azon plugin that comes with getting the Store Buildr Package Deals. For this you need a WordPress site. I know you can use the WordPress installer in your cPanel, but to have a secure website with no extra ways for hackers to attack your sites I suggest you follow my steps.

There is a full tutorial that starts at Using WordPress To Build Your Websites. It is part way down the Hosting page on By Sarah McLeod. Follow the instructions to setup your WordPress site until it is secure. The Instructions follow onto the next page Under Plugins and Themes.  You will need a Theme.  Choose one of the Page Builder themes or select a free WordPress theme. You will need the first two free Essential plugins at least to secure your site. Add these to your Website Plugin and Theme Folder. You can take it one step further and setup your Autoresponder to collect leads for your sites. The instructions are all on By Sarah McLeod under Recommended.

Use your main domain website to link to your Mini Store sites. This makes it easier for you to find all your sites and add to them or edit them later. You can also use it to promote more Products and add to your Passive income.

You do not want to spend too much time training so I will keep it simple…

This is a simple method that works for me.

  • Find a Simple Unique Domain and link it to your Hosting.
  • Setup Your WordPress site as your main (https) website and add your Instant Azon plugin.
  • Add Sub Domains or Folders for each of your Mini Store Sites and setup your sites.
  • You can add an optin form to collect leads and add to your autoresponder lists.

That is all there is to setting up your websites. Now I suggest you get on and get your sites setup.

PS There will be more on how you can add to your stores in a further Post.

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