You never know who will turn up in your Family Tree

My family has had to deal with that dreaded family curse “Cancer” many times over these past years. As you can imagine this has really upset the apple cart, as we say here in Tasmania. I really do not want these people to disappear altogether, so I chose to do something positive about it.

Many years ago I started researching my family tree. There are members of the family who had no idea who they were and others who had done their research on certain sectors of the family. I simply wanted to know the people who had influenced the way I had been brought up.

My legal Grandfather was not my Biological Grandfather and even though I have total respect for him and the fact that he raised all 5 children equally. There was a lingering feeling that there were missing pieces of our puzzle. My Mother-In-Law at the time had no idea who her family was and I know it is something that she has pondered on.

My Dad, on the other hand, had a fair idea who my Biological Grandfather was, but he had so much respect for his Legal Dad and that whole family so we never pushed the point. Still, now that he has gone I feel even more that there are missing links that I need to find.

Our Family has had also had a lot of Cancer-related illness, myself included and the past 4 deaths were all cancer-related. It was hard especially when you find that much of this comes from our ancestors DNA.

At the time I started my research DNA was a huge issue that was not in our reach until I investigated the Family Tree DNA tests and the results others were getting. So I organised a test through Ancestry.

I used Ancestry because I can take those results later into MyHeritage at a huge discount and find any other missing links there as well as their process is different for finding results. Later I can add the correct DNA proven family tree results into FamilySearch which is free and it will be there for future generations to see.

Many people will ask why would I want to do this? The answer is simple. There are missing links in our family and it leaves a huge void. My life has been searching for the truth, nothing more and nothing less.

My initial DNA results were mind-blowing. As I circle all the known relatives on my chart that had DNA related links, one whole quarter was missing. While this was a possibility, I was really hoping it would not be true because my Legal Grandfather’s Family had played such a huge part in our Family.

I was doing some research on FamilySearch one night. Just to get a glimpse of what research had been done so far. I got to my Great Aunt and her husband and I got a strong message to follow that line. Now I never argue when messages come through so clear, so I followed that bloodline.

The Wilcox bloodline took me through Churches, Knights, Many Kings and Queens until I got to the daughter of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ. Can you imagine my surprise? I had been asking for the truth. It only took 20 more generations to get to Adam and Eve including Noah and his family in the middle. Yes, I documented this journey all the way.

My Grandmothers Maternal bloodline were highly connected with the church and one of her lines goes back to the Romans. Statue after statue in Rome were depictions of my Family. All I had to do now was connect the missing links.

Mary Queen of Scotts, one of my GGG…Grandmothers

I had a reading some time ago with one of my two trusted clairvoyants. She told me of the lady who appeared to be carrying her head, she stated she was from one of the richest families in the UK or England as it was stated. At the time I had no idea who she was, but after the DNA results, and after a bit more research I find that lady was Mary Queen of the Scotts. Her cousin Elizabeth the first had just taken the throne of England. There was pressure on her to protect the Church of England and the throne from her Catholic cousin as the People wanted Queen Mary to be Queen. But alas our Queen Mary was beheaded just as Elizabeth’s father had beheaded her mother Anne Berlyn for not producing a male heir. One of the outstanding things was both ladies had the bright red hair that our family still has today.

Fascinating history… so much so that I am adding a Family tree site to the website mix. There are not too many people who can say they share DNA with the Queen of England and an American President at the same time.

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