you really need a mentor

You Really Need a Mentor To Help You Achieve Your Goals

To Start A New Venture You Really Need a Mentor To Guide You On that Journey…

Trying to achieve anything on your own is hard without a guide.


I found it was a lot easier to understand a topic once I got a mentor. I simply had to follow instructionsIt did not matter what I was trying to learn. It was easier to take advice from an expert than work it out alone.

A couple decades ago I wanted to turn my artistic skills into more than just painting walls. I had the chance to take a sign writing course. My Mentor then had a plan of action to follow. I was stubourne. I wanted to get some signs done in the meantime. The signs I done on my own were nothing compared to the Professional Signs after a couple years of training. 

When I first started designing websites I had no idea. There was no way I could have produced websites without first learning how. I needed someone who  could mentor me on the topic.  I started building websites when websites were basic html sites. To compared those sites to today’s modern websites I would say they were real dinosaurs.

I just had to learn to use SEO tactics to get the sites indexed in the search results.  Today it is a lot more complicated and I took on a Mentoring program to teach me. I learnt all I needed to know to market my websites and stay updated. 

Why do I need a Mentor now…

I am in the midst of taking an Internet Business Online.


As part of that Internet Business I need to start producing products.  Online that can be ebooks, audio and video. Or it can be software or apps.  You can become a consultant to other people, become a trainer… It can become mind boggling without a guideline to follow. 

There are different forms of of help. You can buy a product on the topic and follow those instructions. You can get a Group Mentor-ship with webinars where you can ask questions. Then you can get a One-on-one Mentor to help you get something done. 

The more you learn, usually from a product, the easier it is to understand which mentor can help you the most.  I have learnt a lot from one of my Mentors. I could not work one-on-one with him. It just would not work for me.  You need to relate and be able to personally work with your mentor

Why did I choose John Thornhill to be my Mentor

I chose to work with my Mentor’s Mentor John.  John describes him as his best student ever. They often compete with each other on JV affiliate marketing boards. I trust these guys. I know both Mentors are multi millionaires in their own right.  These are the kind of people I wish to learn from.

John is a mentor I can work with. We have been through the same things over the years. I never went past building websites. He learnt and implemented all that he learnt to become an expert in his field.  John is someone who knows what he is doing.

Learning is not enough, you must work at it.  Everything worth doing takes a lot of work to master. You must stick at it, not jump from one thing to the next. You simply get too confused.  Your mentors is there to keep you guided in the right direction.

What to look for in a Mentor


I choose a Mentor who would allow me to learn in the fastest possible time. I need to get products moving fast. The more experienced they are the better it is for you. Look at their students success and know you are suited to their program.

There will be processes you need to follow. So follow the guide, ask questions and implement what you learn… Nothing is gained without a lot of dedication and effort. You have to be prepared to give it your all.  That is the best advice I could give you. No matter what you need to achieve.

Avoid getting information from someone who is not an expert at what they do.  A plumber can not help you Fix your car. The same as a Painter can not help you with your Curtains or Furnishings… A basket ball coach in not going to mentor you in playing golf. You need the right expert for the right job. 

For me I needed an experienced online product creation expert. Someone who would mentor me to get Products into the Market Place.  That person had to have with the right know how and direct experience in marketing those products. I need to learn in a hurry to meet my other mentor-ship commitments.

So I picked John from all the Experts I knew because he is someone I can work with… As a bonus my mentor group will also promoted my finished products as part of the mentoring program. 

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