Sarah McLeod the Tasmanian Gran-Ma who wants to Build an Online Business

Sarah McLeodWelcome My name is Sarah McLeod and thank you for following my story and my blog Sarah McLeod’s Journey.  I am a sixty plus year old Gran-Ma from Tasmania in Australia. I was married for twenty years and raised six children while running a Stone Fruit orchard in the Huon Valley of Tasmania. My children are all grown now with families of their own. Between them they have given me nineteen grandchildren and the eldest of those are young adults. Now that was my past.  

Let me tell you who I really am the new Sarah McLeod…

For the first time I am free to make my own decisions. I have no one to hold me back bar myself by letting those occasional thoughts from the past creep in. I can make a choice to go fishing and live in my van for ever. Or I can do something with the rest of my life. At sixty plus I am not too old that I cant start over.

For years I have had this burning desire to build an Online Website Business. This has been a dream of mine for some time. I have studied every aspect of building this business over the past decade… Yes I count in decades now. I have earnt that right. I decided that I would give this one last try and throw everything into making it work.

My whole life is now dedicated to building this online business right now. So much so that I gained a place in our Government NEIS scheme so I could dedicate myself to building this business. I had their backing for the first year. They helped me develop a Business Plan which I am now putting into action.

I used to think the hours we had to put into the Stone Fruit orchard during harvest season were long. That is nothing compared to the hours I have dedicated to this project. I manage to get two working days out of 24 hours. Now that is dedication. I started this project on January 11, building and securing domains ready for content and repurposing those domains I have had for decades. Now I am developing those websites one by one.

New Business – New Idea

Mind you, building this business from scratch is a challenge I chose to take on. It was also a condition of the NEIS scheme that I start with a new idea. So how are my websites any different than any other.

When I was planning the Project it became apparent that I could not fit everything into one website. I had also learned from my past website experience that big sites become targets for hackers.

So I decided to break up the sections of the sites into mini-sites. While that in itself is great for search engine optimization. It was not good from a customer perspective. Solution: Bring each Group of sites together under one Brand. I have four of these Groups.

  • The first group of sites are the core sites. This Sarah McLeod blog is part of that Core Group of Sites. These are the sites that run the Business. Support, Tracking, Email, Monitoring, and Promotion.
  • The second group is my top affiliate sites in the Online Business Group. These are the topics I know and understand the most. I have a huge library of information dedicated to this market. So it only makes sense to concentrate a lot of my energy here.
  • Third, is my Online Family Minisites for everyday needs. When you think about it this is aimed at everyone. While not everyone is interested in everything they do need some things. Having a variety of independent stores under one Group makes it easy for people to find what they do want.
  • Fourth is my Digital Products. Again I Brand all my Products under one Info Product Club Brand which is also my Australian Business name. It makes it easier for people and affiliates to find the whole range of products. This in itself is going to be a major undertaking because I brought the rights to many products. Some are ready to promote now. The others will require a lot of updating and work to get them ready for the market. I am already developing my own products and training using all my experience.

All this is going to take time, especially for one person. It is going to be a Journey of trial and error. So I decided to get a Mentor to help me through the Product Creation phase. I already have mentors in Affiliate Marketing and in the Technical Website areas. It is essential to have these people behind the scenes. I do not know everything nor do I have the experience these chaps have. 

Follow the People who Understand your Business

Talking about following the experienced people in the Online Business world. I had the privilege to join Commission Expo for the 2018 season. It was a huge Group of Internet Millionaires in one place at the same time in Orlando. Given that I have never left Australia it is a big fete for me. To learn exactly what it has taken for these people to achieve their goals after starting from nothing just as I am doing now was a huge opportunity.

Now I can’t possibly face these guys if I have nothing to show. This is my motivation to push myself. You may have another reason to motivate you to achieve your goals. I need to achieve at least the first few steps in my plan and be making money from that to save face.  This is extremely important to me.

So just how is it possible to become a Big Player

Remember I have Products and Training from many of these Big Guru people. I simply follow what they are doing. Pick the best information from the best Marketers in their field and implement that. Not everyone is an expert in their field… yet I can research the top players and learn from them. That is why I have the Mentors I have right now.

I also have the Information Library that I have paid for from many of these big players and I have full rights to that material. I simply follow their instructions. Take what works now and develop my own products and sell them on my Sales platforms as well as place them on the affiliate sites.

And because I have everything under one roof, not just one item is seen but all the items. This applies across each group of sites. Each group of sites links to the next via my by Main Menu site. That is my Unique Advantage that ties all my work together.

Yes, I have everything I need at my disposal so now it is a matter of getting it all done. That is where the Sarah McLeod blog comes into play. Not only can you follow what I do, it is a way for me to stay accountable. I need to keep face with the people I associate with just like I did in my Orchard days. I earned the respect of the industry for my dedication to the business as a whole. In the same way, I will earn the respect of the Online Community and that starts with you.

Just watch my Progress

You can follow my process by following Sarah’s Journey (yes that is a clickable link.) This is the same link you will see in all the Menus. As each Group is ready it will be linked to this Core Group of sites via the Mega Menu. That also will include my Australian Business name websites. Yes, I have registered Business Names for my Products and anything produced by Sarah McLeod. I told you I was dedicated to make this Online business work. Now I am accountable to the Australian Government as well.  My gain is their gain so I get extra business help from them also.

Don’t let all this put You off. Even if You learn one thing from my experience it is a win. There will be some interesting things to come. In the near future, I have to Master Video Production. That alone is a huge reason to join the notification list. (Found on the sidebar of the Blog) I normally shy away from the video. I was self-conscious of my baggy eyes.

That was until I found out Donald Trump and I have the same ancestry. Now if you think that is strange, the Royal family and I also have an ancestral connection. Now I no longer worry about baggy eyes because they go with fame. Even the Royal Family has the same baggy eyes. Harry is also a redhead just like I was in my younger days. But hey don’t judge me on my bloodline, judge me on my performance and what I can give to you now.

You know, You are the most important person in my plan. You have taken the time to read my page. I really hope you follow Sarah’s Journey Blog and join my notification list. You can bookmark my site for future reference by clicking the link in your browser. I know it is going to be an interesting journey for us both…

Thank You for dropping by and don’t forget to join the mailing list so You will be the first to know when new content is posted.

Sarah McLeod

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