Get The Right Help When You Are Working Online

Working on line like any Business can be overwhelming without some guidelines.

When you are working on line and doing all your own work, everything at once, working long hours on training, blogs and product creation all at once. You need good guidelines or you can find yourself quickly getting overworked and totally overwhelmed trying to find the right solutions to all the facets of working online by yourself.

I am totally guilty of taking on way too much at once. Initially you are all rearing to go. The excitement of a new project is invigorating. You just can’t wait to take in all the training that is required to get started working online so you plan big things with your online business that you want to develop.

Then you realise you do not know as much as you need, so you get training in that field. Next there are major changes in the way the internet is governed so you get sorted with that. Then the search programs change the way they deliver the web content to the user… the list goes on. Very soon you find you have to be a technical wizard to set this all up.

Working online requires a lot of work to get setup…

So far it has been a learning curve. The work has not yet begun… There are websites to set up and constantly keep up to dated. The Design of your website has to be considered. Also the way you convey your message to your visitors, so you need to get some copy writing skills. Your websites need to be user friendly. You learn the latest SEO tactics so the search engines know what you site is about. Just so you can deliver that information to the reader.

Once you have your reader on your site, you need to give your visiter reasons to become your valid follower. You set up a mailing list and many social media platforms to bring visitors back to your website. Then you will need to supply some sort of incentive to get your customer onboard. Besides creating great content on your website for your customers.

You start creating products for your customers. At first it is viral reports and video content for your websites and social networks. Then you start selling affiliate products. This requires bonus pages and products to entice your visitors to buy from you. Now you start collecting PLR products that you can modify so you have unique bonus items.

The next logical step to working online is to start creating your own Professional Products. It takes much research and testing. You become a video training master and content writer on the product side. On the technical side you need to set up websites. Connect payment processing and most important build your affiliate team ready for your Product Launch. You now need to master being an online marketer.

Now this is just the beginning of getting your online business going. Even if you were working online for someone else you would need to master many of these skills. When your are experienced in all these assets of working online it is still easy to have a work overload. Especially when you are doing all this yourself. The same goes when you start to manage a team of people to help you.

It is even harder for the new person starting out because you have no idea what is install for you. No experience to fall back on and no idea where to get started. This is where it is important to get yourself a really good mentor.

It is important to find Yourself a good Mentor

The key is to only do as much as you need. Learn each step and learn it thoroughly before moving onto the next step. Obviously I am not the right person to train you just yet. I am building my network and I simply do not have everything in place that you need. Buy I have met some valuable trainers over my time.

John Thornhill winning a spot prize at his best student Omar Martin’s Comm Expo in Orlando 2018

Let me introduce you to my main Mentor John Thornhill. I have known John and his best student Omar Martin for many years. I like the way John teaches. It is in small actionable steps. His training is in bite size chunks so you can follow and implement the steps without getting overwhelmed.

This is not a short video course, it is a full Mentorship program. You have full access to John for the whole year. This includes one on one mentoring as well as group sessions. On top of all the site training so there is always help. It also includes full promotion of your finished products and other promotions. Such a huge boost to your online business when you are starting out.

You have access to all the past students of John’s who are now Multi Figure Producers in their own rights. These people have multiple experience and can also help you on your journey. Working online does not have to become an overloading experience with the right Mentoring.

John Thornhill, Melinda and Omar Martin and Dave Nicholson
Great people and my top Mentors

Your next step is to watch John’s video. Get a feel for John’s style and checkout all that you would get. You should consider take on John as a Mentor for the next year. I am still a student of John’s even after a year. All because the site has all I need to set all my online business up and more.

John and Omar are now my dear friends. I flew all the way from Tasmania to Orlando last year. To the other side of the World to go to the Expo put on by John’s top student Omar Martin. I went to meet all my Mentors in person. It was an amazing experience. So is joining this group. Check out the video now and see if this is what you need moving forward.

Click here to learn more on John’s Video

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