Weeks of Planning and Setting up Websites ready for Launch

From my unit in Moonah, here in Tasmania, Australia I have secretly been Planning and setting up websites.  Getting ready to launch a new Online Business… It started with 5 weeks of detailed Business Planning and gaining NIES backing. An Australian Government incentive to encourage people to create their own Businesses.

Prior to that, I had taken down all but one of my Websites. This Blog was the only thing standing. I had a choice walk away from Online and follow a totally unknown future or become the Entrepreneur I always wanted to become.  But I could not walk away from 20 years online and thousands of dollars invested… So I made a commitment to do everything in my power to create a fully functional Online Business from scratch.

There have been many long nights writing and preparing Websites and Products. In fact, I have mastered getting two-days out of one.  All the weeks of Planning have made setting up the websites so much easier because I have direction and a purpose for every site.

So what lies ahead…

With the Completion of the base sites, starts the long process of completing Products and preparing for the first launch. The Products and Sites are due to be launched together, though I may Open the Sites up slightly early to allow for Social setup and linking, a huge task in itself. Included in the list of Websites are

  • Digital Products
  • Online Business Sites
  • Family Sites
  • The big one… my new Social Media site where I can help my Students without the noise of other social platforms.

Of course, there are other sites behind the scenes that help run such a network of websites, at last count, there are 40 domains that make up the website Structure.

Now I do not recommend you try and build a 40 website network from scratch in one sitting, only I am that crazy, but then again I have two decades of experience building websites and I am working to a very detailed Business Plan. I do suggest you sit down and plan out what you want to achieve online before you start executing that plan.

For me, Weeks of Planning have gone before I started Setting up the websites. The Websites look like they will be ready to Launch by July 1… I will keep you posted…

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  1. Hey Sarah,

    G’day from Brissie!

    I’m not yet at the stage where I’m putting together my product. Still trying to figure that bit out.
    So all these websites, are you a web developer or something similar?
    Are all these websites just for the launch, or are they for link strength? I’m curious what you’re trying to do with 40 websites in one sitting.

    Your optin box doesn’t seem to be rendering correctly at the moment. I can only see the short code, so I guess whatever plugin it uses is not enabled?

    Keep up the great work!


    Martin Platt.

    1. Hi Martin
      Yes, all sites and autoresponders are on hold for the moment, I am only keeping the updates done while I recover from this last bout of Sciatica pain, then I will be working on them again. It definitely requires a clear head,
      To answer your question, I have a series of main websites for training and promotion. There are maintenance sites I have connected to groups of sites to update the WordPress functions. I am working on Product sales and membership sites in conjunction with the main sites, along with support sites, and then the niche feeder sites. They work together, so I have been working on the plan as one big project with all but the blog closed to the public.

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