There is nothing better than a new Camcorder to get over a fever or was it the other way around…

Tonight I feel at ultimate Peace with the world and with God… I have not a care in the world, there is total calm in my soul. Even those of us in Church today felt that inner Peace from simply trusting that all is well with our world. It may have been the gentle rain outside that freshens the air or the fact that recovering from a massive fever and sore throat leaves you so grateful to be back in the land of the living, even if that means a Wet Winters Day down under in Tasmania.

I had slept solidly for well over a week, after all, there is not much more you can do when dealing with a fever. Keep up the fluids, specifically honey tea which was the only thing that would give some relief to the throat that was burning from ear to ear during that week. Give thanks for even the most minute piece of relief as you work through the process and know the Lord will see you through to the other side. That has been my past fortnight.

I had been pushing myself… Preparing all 40 sites ready for content, besides breaking down what will go on each of those sites and preparing material for Products associated with each website, and then there were 5 mornings of getting up very early like 3:30 am for Tony Robins and Dean Graziosi’s training that was based in America while I am on the other side of the Globe in Tasmania… And during this time we had now three funerals to process. It can become an emotional rollercoaster at times, so I was given an excuse to totally relax for a week. I tried to do another block of a very important family tree while I was less able to concentrate on content, but even that was too much so I surrendered it all to God and took the sleep and honey tea along with a few vitamins since I really was not eating during that time and allowed my body to heal.

Finally, the fever broke… I woke up hungry as did my cats. I went down to the Supermarket and got their food and a slight detour to Praties on the way back. Chicken Curry and Raja never tasted so good. I had ordered a video camera during the training because my iPhone video had no sound. Who knows why, but it is old and Phones were simply designed for telephone calls and baby pictures back then. I did not realize just how long it will take to arrive until I went to check the tracking, so I was even able to forget my video phobia for a while during fever time and now it seems so irrelevant.

I live across the road from Your Church here in Moonah, I watched the process as they took over the property and developed the building into a vibrant community space. Eventually, there will be a full auditorium and theater setup downstairs with full lighting and new live streaming facilities and I see myself evolving into that space, but before that can happen I need to relearn my video confidence. Years ago as a teenager, I worked in Photography. A budding video producer creating and editing lots of mini-documentaries in super8 video and splicing reels and reels of clips into one video night presentation for the family.

And yes we come back to the new camera, not that you could tell I was leading up to this amazing totally digital, compact yet full of features, lenses and extra battery packs, mic and stability handle with crystal clear Ultra HD 4K 48MP Camcorder. This thing is so compact yet so powerful including inbuilt lighting… there are simply no excuses other than the delivery time, not to be producing video daily. I am so looking forward to this new part of the online journey. It is one thing to be producing websites, I have been doing that off and on for decades, and it is another to have them all video based. As you can see with the Blog there is no video up to now, not even PowerPoint which is so lame in comparison to real-life down-to-earth storytelling videos. You can almost feel it, it is so close.

Why is video so relevant to creating websites? I’m about to introduce the first of the new websites and I simply can not get across the excitement and value that those websites can offer for everyday people right through to more advanced online users without video. Video gets your point across much easier than just the written word alone. There are so many stories I could share from my online experience, that I have to tame some of those down and stick to the plan at least for now. There will be plenty of time to stretch the creative skills later, especially with the introduction of a new YouTube Channel. Then there is Product Creation, live training, and live stream into the future.

So what happened to the fear of being on camera… I don’t have time for that. I just lost three very dear people, some older than me and one younger and it makes you realize just how short life can be. Then running a massive fever leaves you to realize how simple life can be taken away, it is a reality check. So wasting time on petty fears is just not relevant, not when your days are numbered and you could be helping so many people in that time. God wants us to live our life to the fullest, helping people understand their god-given potential to make the most of the life he gave us, and allow your godly spark to shine and lighten up so many others along the way… Maybe I have just been watching too much YouTube while I was recovering, but the most productive YouTube people are everyday people simply telling their stories. That is people just like you and me. They all connect with their audience and their stories help others in the same situation… There is no time like now to get your story out there.

I just checked the location for the Camcorder Kit and it has finally arrived in Melbourne which means it should be on a flight to Tasmania by morning… This should be my last fully written post and that will be a blessing as it takes so long to simply write, then edit, then figure out all the steps to an SEO-friendly article.

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