I need a Mentor for my Online Business

The one thing I have wanted to do so badly is to build an Online Business, but I found I really need a Mentor to help guide me.

Trying to figure this out totally on my own has been a nightmare and I know you are aware this internet is a fastly changing space. What worked for me a decade ago is not relevant today.

I need a Mentor who is actively earning a great income online, who can show me exactly what works now and do it in simple steps, so I do not miss anything.

I need a Mentor to help me with Digital Products…

Digital products, like ebooks, video training, audio products and software are a huge part of the online space. It is something you create once and sell over and over…

The most important part of an Online Business is to have your Own Products and Services that You own and you have total control on how your Business runs.

Sure you can promote someone else’s products, but you are not in control of that Business and eventually you need your own.

So I decided from the moment I put my Business ideas into a Plan that it would include my own Top Quality Product Collection.

At that stage, I had no idea how exactly I was going to do that, but I knew it had to happen to be able to get this business profitable.

I researched the top Digital Product producers and affiliates. I knew if I was to have a Mentor, they would need to know their business. A few names kept coming to the top of vendor and affiliate lists. These were people I had worked with, in the past. But performance alone was not enough.

I needed to know if I could work with this Mentor

It was important to me that the Mentor I was to work with first had the right Mentoring program for my needs and I need a Mentor I can work with who will answer all my questions, someone I am compatible with.

One of my earlier successful trainers, Omar Martin, also has a Digital Product Mentoring program and his advice is good. He also had a Mentor who taught him. I know John Thornhill and Omar, his top student, a multi 6-figure Online Business owner. If John had taught Omar then he was the person to Mentor me.

John and Omar, his top student on stage.

This is John and Omar up on stage in Orlando. I was privileged to attend this Commission Expo. It was the first time I had been outside of Australia.

I have studied John’s Business model and it is very close to the original idea I came up with a few years ago, so I know I am on the right track.

The only difference is he has put the Plan into action and I have stagnated. I did not know how to implement all the steps.

It is like having most of the pieces of a jigsaw, but not having the picture to follow as a guide. I needed someone of experience with the right training package to get me back on track.

Now I have the Mentor I need…

John and his team, Randy and son Alex are great to work with. John makes simple easy to digest training material that takes you through step by step. Alex is a brilliant technical guy and handles support and Randy is the blogging and Marketing guy. I get on well with each of them.

It is the live training and one-on-one Mentoring that I find makes the total difference. To be able to get the right help when you need it.

Even the more experienced marketers get stuck from time to time. That was the problem I had in the past. Now I have total access to not just John but all the team.

I need a Mentor who supports his students…

John knows Digital Marketing and that it takes time to create great products. So he put together a wonderful plan. He has built into his Mentoring a system a way for you to earn while you learn. I think this is a brilliant Idea.

Not only has he got his students making money from his products, we get to practice marketing and building a following while we follow the steps to building our own quality products.

This gives us the experience to market our own products when the time comes. It is a good lesson to observe the way other Vendors present their products and Marketing. Learn from the best.

The biggest benefit of working with John is he promotes your products when it is done, not only to his list but to all his JV Partners.

Can you imagine what that will mean to get a business up and running? I think this was the game-changer for me.

You three choices here…

Below are three links to John’s Mentor Program, his Income Offer and his affiliate Program. Any or all of the choices will help you get started.

It is now my chance to pay back a great bloke. John’s Programs are a tremendous benefit to me as I build my Online Business and I would not be doing you any favours if I did not give you the option to take action.

Click any of the Orange links below and sign up for the Webinars or check the JV page…

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